Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Barcamp Klagenfurt 2008, #2

(As promised, I'm also adding my impressions regarding "Blogs and their connectivity network" and "BIG Weblog projects")

The "BIG Weblog projects" was a presentation on what is needed for a successful blog project and what kind of benefits that brings to your blog. The guy (I do have to apologise for not remembering his name and forgetting to take notes at the start of his presentation) has a cooking blog and decided to write 2 recipes for each game played (one from every country) for the entire duration of world football cup of 2006. I thought that searching for recipes themselfes was a trouble by itself but he decided to test every recipe as well! His entire preparatins lasted for a year and sure brought some rewards - his traffic was 100% up during the duration of football cup and remained 50% higher when the championship ended.

Source: Wikipedia
Max Kossatz had something even more interesting for me as I had already done some hacking with Google Maps. In his project he looked at how blogs are interconnected between each other - as it turns out although some blogs are heavily connected to the rest of the world, some are completly isolated (one such example are link farms) - and mashed that information with Google Maps. The result is quite impressive - I attached an image below so that you can see it for yourself.

He asked us not to run with the link to Slashdot so I won't be publishing that for now. ;-)

I also have to thank Werner for giving me a lift from pizzeria to trainstation when busses stopped to drive. Thanks! :)