Thursday, June 12, 2008

Visor, turns Terminal to quake-like console

A few days ago I went to Blacktree to download Quicksilver to give it another try (when I started with OS X I didn't saw value in it; few months later it really turns out that Spotlight is a bit limiting) and found a rather interesting add-on for standard Terminal - Visor. Visor gives you the ability to press a custom key combination to show Terminal - just like Quakes in-game console for advanced commands and finer tweaking of the game.

As far as I've been using it, it turns out to be quite useful. When you need to quickly do something in console it is already at your fingertips, but if you someday feel the need for a conventional stand-alone console you just press Command+N to open it.

I find it particularly useful because I can summon the console by just pressing alt+space instead of constantly trying to find the console with alt+tab+tab+tab ("Oh no, I just pressed tab one time too many and now landed on another Space. Again.")

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